Little Bear

Hello I'm Little Bear. I love honey and I love all my friends and I love Big Bear. The biggest number I can count to is four!  That’s a LOT!

I write songs about adventures with my friends and funny things that just pop into my head! And I love making new friends!

Big Bear says I'm not famous and I don't need a heli-pad in the back yard. I do NOT agree.

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Big Bear

(Eden Mulholland)
I'm a Kiwi composer who writes music for people all around the world! I made the music for the FIFA Womens World Cup Opening Ceremony and do all the music for WOW. Also I write for TV and Film :)

I am married with three children and we live in Brisbane, Australia.

Little Bear is awesome and is the best and Eden is a poo head! hahahahah yeah! I TYPED this BIG BEAR HAHAHAHA

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